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What is the Team Professional Leadership Model (TPLM)?

  • An NEA GPS grant-funded network of teachers at all levels supporting each other in

        continuous learning, improvement, and leadership.

  • A new, improved, and expanded version of last year’s Peer Assistance and Reflection

        (PAR) program.

Who can participate in the TPLM?

  • Any teacher in the MPS district is eligible to receive services and support through TPLM.

  • TPLM will provide specifically targeted support for educators at all levels of experience.

What types of services and support are offered through the TPLM?

  • TPLM will offer paired peer mentoring, collaborative working groups, participation at national education conferences, professional development opportunities, and encourage the district-wide sharing of effective instructional tools and techniques.

  • The PAR model from last year is only one piece of the TPLM.  There will be a continuation of mentoring using peer guides (formerly known as Collaborative Coaches) that will collaborate with early career teachers (those in their first three years), lead collaborative groups, and be involved with targeted professional development district-wide.

  • In addition, TPLM will provide opportunities for teachers at all experience levels to attend national professional conferences in collaborative groups and share new ideas and information with colleagues across the district.

  • Another component of this model includes training and mentorship for teachers interested in becoming National Board Certified Teachers.

Examples of TPLM grant- funded services and support:

One-on-one mentoring, book studies, retreats, collaborative groups, make and takes, professional development opportunities, and more!

Do you have a suggestion for a great TPLM event? We’d love to hear from you!  Please email Nina Coerver (secondary peer coordinator) or Jessica Williams (elementary peer coordinator).

TEAM Professional Leadership Model