The Education Association of Moore

Negotiations Report 2017:

Negotiations opened on Friday, May 26, 2017 and closed on Thursday, June 1, 2017. Along with some changes and additions to the contract, both teams had productive, informative, collaborative dialogue about concerns and issues. A summary of the proposed negotiated contract changes are listed below but will not go into effect until the contract is ratified.




1.01 Recognition

Updated the dates to reflect the upcoming school year.


2.09 Transfers

Insert a new paragraph between voluntary transfers and involuntary transfers titled “Administrative Transfers.” In the event a site is over-staffed and a member will be transferred to another site, the principal will ask for volunteers. Any volunteer candidates will then interview with the receiving principal and the receiving principal will make a selection from the qualified applicants.

This will be enacted before an involuntary transfer is moved. Many times there are people willing to make a move for various reasons. This gives them the opportunity to apply before the involuntary transfer clause is enacted.

5.04 Leave of Absence

Members may be granted a leave of absence to provide care for family members.


6.12 Student Discipline

A copy of the school Board’s policy for the control and discipline of students will no longer be distributed to each staff member. This policy can be found in the student handbook and in the Board Docs (Admin page, School Board, Board Docs – Search “student discipline”). Encourage your team members to check out the board docs page. It is informational and easy to use. All board policies can be located here.

This was a technical update to language as a result of MPS going green.

9.03 Compensation

All certified staff members will receive their step. A step 38 will be added with a step of $684.


9.04 Supplemental Index, Athletics

The Salary of the Head Volleyball and Head Soccer Coaches will be increased to .3 and the Assistant Volleyball and Assistant Soccer Coaches to .15 of the base index of $18,725.

This will make those salaries more competitive with statewide averages.

9.04 Supplemental Index, Student Centered

Add Elementary Yearbook Stipend of .03 of the base index of $18,725 or $562 will be added to the Student Centered Index for those schools who hire a member to oversee the production of the yearbook.

This job is compensated at the secondary level and involves significant time and attention to detail above and beyond the standard school day.


Informational: Significant discussion was held on the necessity of staff meetings and administrations inability to hold meetings with-in the contracted work day due to the structured schedule of the student day. There are multiple options, although none of them will be well received by everyone, and changes could be on the horizon. Most administrators prefer to have their meetings before or after school which means teachers do stay past their contracted work day. If this is current practice and the staff is coming and participating, then that practice will continue. HOWEVER, if there are staff members consistently not coming, the administration does have the right to take some time surrounding lunch. Contractually, a teacher gets a 25 minutes lunch period. The other 20 minutes belong to the district and would be available for required meetings called on an as needed basis by the site principal. Many teachers work well beyond their contractual work day on a regular basis and for the good of the team would just assume attend a staff meeting before or after school. Administrators often allow teachers the flexibility to occasionally leave during their plan to take care of personal business. Due to the nature of our structured work day, teachers may need to occasionally provide some flexibility or all staff meetings will be moved to the 20 minutes of district time surrounding lunch.