Professional Enrichment Committee

Lisa Hunt, NBCT, Chairperson

    Proposes meaningful professional
                           development opportunities
    Plans & Organizes TNT Day
    Oversees PAR Implementation

    Identifies and involves members who are

                           instructional leaders

Member Benefits Committee

Kevin Burlison, Chairperson

    Monitors special offers from OEA/NEA
    Maintains a presentation on benefits
    Trains & informs Association Reps

Legislative Committee

Nancy Yaffe, Chairperson

Develops advocacy plan
Cooperates with OEA/NEA
Keeps membership advised on issues
Lead TEAM efforts to positively
        impact education policy

Community Outreach Committee

Kevin Burlison, Chairperson

    Develops community partnerships
    Pursues grant opportunities

    Connects the Association with PTA

Member Engagement Committee

Jessika Curry, Chairperson

    Promotes TEAM membership

    Plans and runs membership drive
    Plans special events for TEAM
    Encourages participation in TEAM


The Education Association of Moore

Minority Issues Committee

Harriet Thomas, Chairperson

    Coordinates with ESPM and OEA
    Monitors minority issues

    Plans Minority Issues Summit
    Develops a plan for recruiting minority

                 educators and members