High Schools

Moore High School

Shauna Evans

Deena Dina

Mike Dershem

Tristica Stanley

Southmoore High School

Jan Valouch

Shannon Enfield

Katie Lentz

Westmoore High School

Kevin Burlison

Charles Burks

Junior Highs

Brink Junior High

James Robb

Sasha D'Andrea

Jennifer White

Central Junior High

Shannon Wilson

​Carole Frech

Highland East

Carrie Pollock

Michelle Pasierb

Highland West

Susan Yeo

Cathy Archer

Moore West Junior High


If you are a TEAM member at WJH and would like to serve, please contact TEAM.​

Southridge Junior High

Beth Kalbfleisch


The Education Association of Moore

Association Representatives play a critical role in the success of our work as an Association. Here are some of their responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly Representative Assemblies
  • Share information with members at their school sites
  • Communicate concerns from members to the Association leadership team
  • Connect members to services, resources, and opportunities available through Association membership
  • Conduct Association elections at the site level
  • Help our Association gain and retain members
  • Remain responsive to members' concerns and needs

They give selflessly of their time while still working full-time as educators. TEAM is grateful for their service!

Serving as an Association Representative is a great way to get involved in TEAM!

Vista Academy

​Janette Maxwell

ASC - Special Services

​Cynthia Rutledge 

Lynne Bingman-Ray

Elementary Schools

Apple Creek                              Lisa Hunt & Jessika Curry

Briarwood                                           Tabitha Baughman

Broadmoore                                                 Alicia Wilson

Bryant                                                Jacqueline Witcher

Central                         Donalda Crane & Jaycene Morgan

Earlywine                         Sherry Honeyman & Scott Allen

Eastlake                                                    Jennifer Smith

Fairview                            Kamber Clark & Kristin Marlar

Fisher                                   Deji Dugger & Teresa Potter

Heritage Trails                                         Megan Schmidt

Houchin                                                   Marla Journeay

Kelley                                  Charles Dutton & Lorna Mills

Kingsgate                                                   Renée Fagans

Northmoore                           Keri Snyder & Melissa Craig

Oakridge                                                    Lori Newmark

Plaza Towers                  Cheryl Littlejohn & Cindy Darter

Red Oak                                              Michelle Schuster 

Santa Fe                                                     Stacy Morrow

Sky Ranch                                                    Bendee Zuck

Sooner                                                      Stacey Morris

Southgate                         Sharon Bragg & Waynel Mayes

South Lakes                                                   Erin Baxter

Timber Creek                                                 Pat Walker

Wayland Bonds                           Margo Rife & Pam Bross


Winding Creek                     Jennifer King & Michelle Law